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Frozita S.A. is one of the largest productive units of frozen fruits (apricot, cherry, peach) and aseptic products (Puree, Dices) in Greece and abroad.

The company has a highly trained staff in this branch and a fine organization in each department and the main goal of the company is the production of high quality products, the full satisfaction of our customers and also the continuous development in the Global market.

  •  Peach

  • Peach is our main production product and it is used in frozen fruits, in aseptic dices and in aseptic puree
  •  Cherry

  • An important amount of our production is cherry, which is used in production of frozen fruits
  •  Apricot

  • The apricot that we supply it is used in our three products, in frozen products, in aseptic dice and in aseptic puree
  •  Apple

  • The apple is used in aseptic puree and is one of Frozita’s innovation

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