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IQF Frozen Fruits & Advantages

The main production products of Frozita Company are the Frozen Fruits of apricot, peach and cherry. Frozen fruits are of high quality and they have a high nutritional value due to a technology known as quick freezing IQF (Individually Quick Frozen). This is a method that does not allow the formation of large pieces of ice on the fruit surface. Also, each piece cools individually and the final product it’s not a frozen solid piece. Quick freezing technology is recommended in intense exchange temperatures that allow the quick temperature reduction in -18oC (maximum limit), which is the difference of this technique with the simple freezing. The faster this exchange is, the better the organoleptic characteristics of the product are. Some advantages of quick freezing are the following:

(a) Organoleptic advantages (view, texture, flavor). From all preservation methods, only freezing allows the restoration of all organoleptic characteristics of the products that are similar with these of fresh fruit.
(b) Nutritional advantages: The process of quick freezing does not affect at all the nutritional value of the product
(c) Microbiological advantages: Microorganisms cannot be developed in temperatures below -18oC. The completely absence of water (that is converted completely and very fast into ice) is also an obstacle to their multiplication.

Production Procedure of IQF Frozen Fruits

1st stage

Raw material is transferred to the plant and before the storage a quality control is performed.

4ο στάδιο

After we cut the product in dices, slices or in half we have the stage of enzyme inactivation with blanching. Then, we freeze the product and we have one more control before the process of quick freezing.

2nd stage

In this stage we wash the fruit, we cut it in two pieces and we remove the stone.

5th stage

Before the packing of the product in palettes, there is a final control for foreign bodies with the use of chromatic selector with laser and metal detection. Since we have the perfect conditions, we store the product in -18oC

3rd stage

In this stage, half fruits are selected, peeled and there is one more control in case that there are remained stones left and finally we cut the fruit in dices, slices or in half.

6o στάδιο

In the final stage we deliver the product to the customer. Before we give the shipping order we make the final control relevant with the quality characteristics of the final product and the temperature which should be less than -18oC.


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