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ISO/HACCP Environmetal Policy

One of the main targets of FROZITA S.A. is the production of top quality products, a quality that satisfy our customers needs, focusing on their total satisfaction. In few words production of Safe Products for any further use from our customers. In order to achieve this target the management of the company committed an application of a HACCP system (Food Safety Management System) which is continuously controlled and reviewed and offer Safe and high standard quality products.

The HACCP System is controlled by the Quality Manager and is applied in every single Level of our facilities, under the inspection of the HACCP Team members in order to verify (all the time) the conformance of our products with the E.U. and U.S. Legislations and Directives but also the conformance of our products with our customers Specifications. FROZITA S.A. uses a System which follows strictly and also is certified according to the ISO 22000 standards and to AIB as well.

For the achievement of this target the Food Safety Management System is supported with a variety of Policies (Hygiene, Glass, Wood), Policies (Training of workers-farmers-engineers, Metal Detection, Cleaning, Maintenance), Practices (GMP, GHP, GAP), implementation of brand new technologies in Fruit Processing (Laser Sorting, X-Ray, Steam Blanching) and a well organized operation of the Departments of Frozita S.A. which have as a unique object the production of the Final Product that have the Following Basic Characteristics:

Free from Pesticides Residues and Heavy Metals. Conformed to the Microbiological Specifications and the General specifications of FROZITA S.A. Free from exogenous Foreign Bodies. Natural Flavor and taste like fresh fruit with NO use of any Additives. Finally Frozita’s Management Strategy is the Improvement of the Quality of our Products. Quality improvement comes through PDCA Cycle (Deming Cycle):

  • Plan of a Quality Improvement
  • Do a Pilot test of this Improvement
  • Check the results of this Test
  • Act if the results are positive

Chemistry Laboratory and analyses
In order to evaluate the Quality of our products we make analyses to our products. Those analyses are separated in categories according to the Quality Parameter that it is analyzed and also the method that it is used for this analysis.

Internal analyses
The categories of those analyses are:

This control takes place in the final product and also to specific CP's on the line. The purpose of the organoleptical analyses is to evaluate the characteristics of the final product such as color, taste, brix, cutting size, firmness of the final product, slivers (small pieces, smaller than the desired size) presence in the final product, IQF condition of the frozen product, odor, temperature of the final product, existence of foreign bodies and also endogenous fruit foreign bodies (stalks, pit fragments).

This control is to ensure that the chemical characteristics of the final product are according to the customers specifications and also to the characteristics of the Raw Material. In this category we check the pH, total Acidity (based on Citric Acid), enzymatic activation test according to the Peroxidase Test.

External analyses
Except the mentioned analyses there are some more analyses applied to the final product which are not applied to our facilities but in external laboratories. Those analyses are:
  • Pesticides Residues Analyses/li>
  • Microbiological Analyses
  • Heavy Metals Residues Analyses

All the analyses methods we apply to our products are according to the EU legislations and directives.

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